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Exc. 1. Match the job title with the best definition on the right.

Job Titles


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Person who designs computer network
Manager responsible for buying British English term for senior manager of a company
Information Systems director Manager responsible for the process of creating goods or services for sale to customers
Purchasing Director American English term for the top manager of a company
Human Resources Director Person responsible for setting up training opportunities for employees.
Systems Analyst The person responsible for computer operations in a company
Managing Director Person responsible for managing product development, promotion, customer service and selling
Finance Director Person responsible for markets in other countries.
Production Director Manager responsible for personnel issues.
Customer Service Manager Person responsible for relationships with customers.
Staff Development Officer   Person responsible for presentation and control of profit and loss.
Exports Manager Manager responsible for buying.


Exc. 2. Fill the gaps, using your active vocabulary.

1. Depending on the size of the organization m----- – m------- supervise first-level supervisors, chief executives supervise middle-managers and etc.

2. Successful m------- know how to motivate e--------.

3. Effective h---- resource management develops the abilities of job candidates and employees to meet the needs of the firm.

4. The terms l--------and m--------- are synonyms.

5. T--- - managers don’t deal with day-to-day activities.

6. P----- manager is responsible for the product and its service.


Exc. 3. a) Management of a large company is often hierarchical. Here is a typical model of management organization showing one division within a company. Complete any missing words.



area, company, department, director, finance, human, junior, manager, middle, officers, teams


b) Choose the correct variant.

1. The organization model above is a flat / hierarchical structure.

2. The model shows a traditional structure / an innovative structure.

3. The model shows a matrix / functional structure.

4. It is probably a services / manufacturing company.

5. It is typical of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) / large enterprise.

6. The business is probably simple / complex.

Exc. 4. Use the expressions to be in charge of, to be at the head of, to be responsible for in the sentences made up according to the pattern.


A Marketing Manager is a man who is in charge of sales promotion at the head of

responsible for

a) Sales Manager, Production Manager, Chairman, Import Manager, Export Manager, Personnel (Staff) Manager

b) Production Department, Import Department, Sales Department, Export Department, the company’s policy, the company’s staff

Part I

Text 1. What is “management”?  

Task 1. Read and translate the text.

Traditional interpretation

There are a variety of views about this term. Traditionally the term “management” refers to the set of activities and often to the group of people involved in four general functions, including planning, organizing, leading and coordinating activities. All these four functions are highly integrated and interrelated.

Another interpretation

Some writers, teachers and practitioners say that the above view is rather out –of- date and that management needs to focus more on leadership skills, e.g., establishing vision and goals, communicating the vision and goals and guiding others to accomplish them. They also say that leadership must be more facilitating, participative and empowering in how visions and goals are established and carried out. Some people say that this really isn’t a change in the management functions but a new look at certain aspects of management.

Another common view is that “management” is getting things done through others. Yet another view, quite apart from the traditional view, asserts that the job of management is to support employee’s efforts to be fully productive members of the organizations.

To most employees, the term “management” probably means the group pf people (executives and other managers) who are primarily responsible for making decisions in the organization. In nonprofit organizations, the term “management” might refer to all or any of the activities of the board, executive director and\or program directors.



facilitating – стиль управления, основанный на стремлении помочь

participative - стиль управления, основанный на участии в чем-л.

empowering – дающий возможность или право что-л. сделать

vision – видение, представление

efforts – усилия


Task 2. Give English equivalents for the following Russian words and expressions:

практик, профессионал


директор распорядитель

работник, служащий

некоммерческая организация



администратор, руководитель

утверждать, заявлять

стиль управления, основанный на участии в чем-либо


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