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Listen to the tape once again and fill in the gaps

1. I’m sure that you’ve all heard that this …………… starts with a phone call at five o’clock in the morning.

2. The …………… was very important when it coupled the skills of a theoretical physicist with an ……………. .

3. During the nineteen-forties, a major problem began to appear in the telephone-switching ……………. .

4. We are talking now about Brattain, Bardeen, and Schockley, who went on to explore the Transistor Effect and, in the process, established the whole field of …………… electronics.

5. The invention of the CCD took place one afternoon over one of our frequent …………… sessions at the blackboard.

6. It had been ………….. that Bell Labs would be presenting something special at this meeting and it was attended by many interested people from the West Coast.

7. One was from a group of twenty …………… telescope directors.

8. I felt a …………… achievement with mankind’s new extension of his vision into planetary space.


Prepare a report to compare the importance of invention of graphene and CCD – an extension of man’s vision for science and people


Reference letter (a letter of recommendation)

Study the following information about ways of writing a reference letter

A reference letter is a letter in which the writer makes a general assessment of the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of a person, or confirms details about individual’s situation or circumstances. If you are requested to write a letter of recommendation but think that he/she is a poor employee/student or if you don't know him/her very well it is best if you decline. If you feel that you know the employee/student well it is a good idea to ask for additional information and/or conduct a short interview with him/her so that you'll have solid information to write in your letter.

Follow the business letter format with the exception of the inside address which you can leave out if it is unknown. Unless the name of the person is given to you, you should address the "To Whom It May Concern:" Also be sure to include your phone number and/or e-mail so the reader can contact you with any questions.

The first paragraph should start out by stating your relationship to the applicant and how long you have known him/her. You should also state your professional position at the company/school and any additional information about yourself that will help build your credibility as a good reference.

The second paragraph should focus on building the applicant. It should give an overview of the candidate and his/her strengths and qualities. The next 2 to 3 paragraphs should focus on a single quality followed by an example(s) of how they show that quality.

The closing paragraph should reiterate that the applicant would be a good employee/student and add any additional comments that you may want to bring up. You can also write about why you think the employee/student will be a good fit with the company, school, and/or position. Also let the reader know that he/she can contact you if they have any additional questions.


2) Imagine you’re a personnel manager. One of your best employees has moved to another city. Write a letter of recommendation for him. Use appendix 7 for sample of cover letter.


A literature review

A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. This phase of research gives your scientific article some context, and it will help you to justify your statements. The objective of review of the literature is to summarize the current state of knowledge in the area of investigation.

Read the second section of writing a scholarly article of the second part of the textbook about review of the literature and write it for your needs.

Use unit 9 of appendix 11 for written practice exercises


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