Read and translate the dialogues.

R.Hello, my name is Robert. Whats your name?

S.Hello, Robert. Im Sergey.

R.Nice to meet you, Sergey.

S.Nice to meet you too.


R.Good morning, Sergey. How are you?

S.Im fine, thank you, Robert. And you?

R.Im fine. See you later.

S.See you later. Bye!


R. Hello, my name is Robert. Whats your name?

S. Hello, Robert. Im Sergey.

R. Where are you from?

S. Im from Russia. And what about you?

R. Im from Canada.

S. Whats your surname?

R. My surname is Jones. And what about you?

S. My surname is Kuznetsov. Its a common surname in Russia.

R. I see. Whats your phone number?

S. My phone number is 7 919 534 2178. And whats your phone number?

R. My phone number is 1 416 955 5599.

S. What are you?

R. Im a journalist. And you?

S. Im a police officer.

R. Nice to meet you, Sergey.

S. Nice to meet you too.

R. OK, bye! See you later.

S. Good-bye!


R. Hello, my name is Robert. Whats your name?

S. Hello, Robert. Im Sergey.

R. Nice to meet you, Sergey.

S. Nice to meet you too. What delegation do you belong to?

R. I have come here with a sports delegation from Canada. (Im a member of a Canadian sports delegation).

S. What languages do you speak?

R. I speak English, French, Spanish, German.

S. Do you understand Russian?

R. No, I dont.

S. I see. OK, bye!

R. Good-bye! Have a nice day!

S. Thank you!



- Mr. Brown, let me introduce Mr. Petrov to you.

- How do you do, Mr. Petrov?

- How do you do, Mr. Brown?


- Mr. Brown, this is Mr. Petrov.

- Im glad to meet you, Mr. Petrov.

- Nice to meet you too, Mr. Brown.


- Mr. Brown, let me introduce you to Mr. Smith.

- How do you do?

- How do you do?

- Pleased to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.


Recollect nationality words. Translate them into Russian.

country, continent adjective person nation
Russia Russian a Russian the Russians
America (the USA) American an American the Americans
Australia Australian an Australian the Australians
Asia Asian an Asian the Asians
Britain British a British the British
Canada Canadian a Canadian the Canadians
China Chinese a Chinese the Chinese
Denmark Danish a Dane the Danes
England English an Englishman / woman the English
Europe European a European the Europeans
Finland Finnish a Finn the Finns
France French a Frenchman / woman the French
Germany German a German the Germans
Holland (the Netherlands) Dutch a Dutchman / woman the Dutch
Africa African an African the Africans
Italy Italian an Italian the Italians
Spain Spanish a Spaniard the Spanish
Sweden Swedish a Swede the Swedes
Switzerland Swiss a Swiss the Swiss
Poland Polish a Pole the Poles
Turkey Turkish a Turk the Turks
Egypt Egyptian an Egyptian the Egyptians
Austria Austrian an Austrian the Austrians
Portugal Portuguese a Portuguese the Portuguese
Japan Japanese a Japanese the Japanese
Ukraine Ukrainian a Ukrainian the Ukrainians
Hungary Hungarian a Hungarian the Hungarians
Belgium Belgian a Belgian the Belgians
Greece Greek a Greek the Greeks
Brazil Brazilian a Brazilian the Brazilians
Mexico Mexican a Mexican the Mexicans
Armenia Armenian an Armenian the Armenians
Georgia Georgian a Georgian the Georgians
Kazakhstan Kazakh a Kazakh the Kazakhs
Israel Jewish a Jew the Jews
Ireland Irish an Irishman / woman the Irishmen


Read and translate the following sentences.

1. Im from Russia. My native language is Russian. I can speak English and German.

2. He is from France. His native language is French. He can speak English.

3. She is from Greece. Her native language is Greek. But she can also speak Spanish.

4. They are from Italy. Their native language is Italian. They dont speak any foreign languages.

5. We are from China. Our native language is Chinese.


Read and translate the dialogues.

Alexander:Excuse me. Are you from America or England?

Megan:Neither. We are from different English speaking countries. My name is Megan. Im from Ireland. Irish is our official language, but most people speak English.

Alexander:Its nice to meet you. Welcome to Russia. My name is Alexander. Im from Tomsk.

Kevin:Hi,Alexander. My name is Kevin. Im from New Zealand. And this is John. Hes from Canada. And this is Sally. Shes from Australia. The official language in all of our countries is English.

Alexander:Its nice to meet all of you.

Kevin:Nice to meet you too.


Police officer:Good morning madam. Welcome to Russia. Do you speak English?

Foreigner:A little bit. Im from Spain. Im a Spaniard.

Police officer:OK. Unfortunately I dont speak Spanish but I speak French a little.

Foreigner:Oh, good! I speak French too.



Introduce yourself to your fellow student and introduce your fellow student to your teacher of English using the information from the table. Work in pairs.

Pattern 1.

- Let me introduce myself. Im captain of police Petrov.

- Let me introduce myself. Im police officer, captain Petrov.


Pattern 2.

- Let me introduce my colleague to you. His name is Andrey. His surname is Petrov. He is from Omsk. He is captain of police.

- Let me introduce my colleague to you. Her name is Olga. Her surname is Nikitina. She is from Novosibirsk. She is lieutenant of police.



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