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Past Simple and Present Perfect Comparison


Ex.1 Compare the use of the Past Simple and

the Present Perfect tense-forms.

1. Ann bought herself a new dress yesterday. She paid 30 pounds for it.

2. Have a look. I've just bought a lovely pair of shoes.

3. Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium and in 1903 won the Nobel Prize.

4. The police haven't found the boy yet. He disappeared 3 days ago.

5. How many times have you been in love? When did you fall in love first?

6. Ron hasn't studied much this term.

7. When did they get married? - Last year. So they have been married

for about a year.

8. Chemistry has never been my favorite subject. I liked Math when I

studied at school.

9. Sam hasn't drunk alcohol since he got into a car accident.

10. I bought everything I needed and went straight home.

11. I have bought a new car. -But where's the car you bought last year?

12. That's where I used to live in my childhood.



Ex.2 Choose between the Present Perfect and

the Past Simple tense-forms.


1. Hello, Mr... er... Mr -I' m sorry, I forgot/have forgotten your name.

2. News just came in/has just come in of an earthquake in Southern

Mongolia. According to the first reports the quake struck/has struck

just after midnight last night.

3. Alice bought/has bought a new car. — Really? Where did she get/

has she got the money?

4. I have often wondered /often wondered what he does for a living.

5. He was/has been ill before Christmas, but he has been/was

fine since then.

6. Things have been/were difficult since Sharon has lost/lost her job.

7. Paul was/has been keen on music since childhood.

8. Did you two meet/Have you two met before? David, this is Arm.

9. Did you see/ Have you seen Jane by any chance? There's a letter

for her.

10.This is the only occasion that I have seen/saw him wearing a tie.

Ex.3 Open the brackets using the Present Perfect or

the Past Simple tense-forms.


1. I (shout) at them and they (run) away.

2. What's the best film you ever (see)?

3. Simon is not at home. He (go) to a football match.

4. It was such a wonderful performance that we (applaud) for fifteen


5. Why do you look so sad? Anything (happen)?

6. Jaime lives in Venezuela; he never (see) snow.

7. I (not/wake) at 7 o'clock yesterday, because my mother (not/be) at


8. Anyone (see) my dictionary? I can't find it.

9. A lot of rain (fall) last week.

10. When I (get) home late yesterday evening my dad (be) very angry.

11. I (know) Helen for 10 years. We (study) at university together.

She was one of the best students.

12. Alexander Fleming (invent) penicillin in 1928.

13. The house they (buy) looks much larger than ours.

14. I (order) a taxi to take me to the airport. So we'll be on time.

15. You (cut) your finger! How it (happen)?

16. Peter (not/eat) all the bread and butter, he (leave) some on the plate.

17. He (be) interested in jazz ever since he (leave) school.

18. We (have) a lovely time in Wales. - So you (enjoy) your holiday,

didn't you?

19. I (use) to like swimming but I don't now.

20. I never (see) so many beautiful girls as here at the party.

21. My elder brother (have) a car for two years already. He (buy) it in


22. Jane (recover) yet? - No, she is still in hospital.

23. My watch (stop). I must take it to the watchmaker's.

24. Shakespeare (be) born in 1564 and (die) in 1616.

25. I'm sorry I can't accept your invitation. We already (make) our plans

for the holiday.

26. I (begin) to teach Max to ride a bike last year.

27. We (run) out of sugar. Can you go and get some from the shop?

28. My brother is an actor. He already (appear) in several films.

29. What your father (give) you for your last birthday?

30. You (see) Tom? - Yes, I (talk) with him an hour ago.

31. -Are you the boy whose dog (make) a terrible noise at night?

-I'm sorry, but you are mistaken, sir. I never (own) a dog.

32. What (happen) there? - The dog (bite) the boy when he entered

the garden.

33. You (know) each other before? - Yes. We first (meet) 3 years ago.

34. He (take) off his pullover, (lie) down on the sofa and (start)

to read a magazine.

35. I don't keep pets now but I (use) to keep a dog when I (be) a boy.

36. I (iron) Jim's shirts this morning and in the afternoon I (do) the


37. Why are you limping? - I (twist) my ankle.

38. The plane (take) off from London at 9.00 and (land) in Geneva at


39. Joanna (not/change); she is the same as ever.

40. When I (switch) on the dishwasher, the machine (make) a loud noise.

41. People always (want) to be able to fly like birds in the sky.

42. I once (play) a guitar which (have) only five strings.

43. I never (teach) a class where the students are so lazy.

44. I (lose) a button. I don't suppose I'll ever find it.

45. The slower you eat the more you will think you (eat).

46. You (be) already late for classes twice this week, Nick.

47. What a surprise! You're the very person I (want) to see so much.

48. They say the police already (catch) both of the thieves.

49. When we (be) kids, we (love) the beach very much, so we (use) to

spend all our holidays at the sea.

50. You (make up) your mind yet? What you (decide) to do?

51. She (slip) her arm under his and (give) him a nudge.

52. Thanks a lot. It (be) a wonderful holiday. We (have) great fun.

53. Since when you (lose) sight of him?

54. Anyone (leave) a note for me?

55. The employment office (call) me twice since I (move) to Los Angeles.

56. When we (live) in the north the water pipes (use) to freeze every

winter and we (have) to call in a plumber.

57. People (use) to come at the weekends, but during the week I (be)

alone in that huge house.

58. You (work) as a mechanic before? - Yes, I (use) to change flat tires.

59. We (see) him at the summer course in London.



Ex.4 Correct the mistakes.

I've never saw Star Wars. I've never seen Star Wars.

1. He left quite early but he yet hasn't arrived.

2. We don't see each other since we left school.

3. Have you ever wrote a poem?

4. She have never been to Istanbul.

5. I've lent him ?50 last week, but he hasn't paid me back yet.

6. I don't see them often but I've known them since ten years.

7. What year have you left school?

8. We're lost. We already have been down this road twice.

9. I sent her an email last week, but she doesn't reply yet.

10.They live in that house since 1980.


Ex.5 Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple or

the Present Perfect.

I’ve already seen that film twice, (already / see)

1. - How long … at university? (you / be)

- I … two years ago. I'm in my third year now. (start)

- Do you live with your parents?

- I … with them for the first two years but then I … into a student

Hostel last September and I … there since then. (live, move, live)

2. - … a job yet? (your brother / find)

- Yes, he … work in a hotel, (just / start)

3. - … to Nobu - that new Japanese restaurant? (you / ever / be)

- Yes, we … there for my birthday. (go)

- What was it like?

- The food … fantastic but it … a fortune! (be, cost)


Ex.6 Choose the Past Simple or the Present Perfect forms

for the verbs in brackets. The first one is done for you.


1. I (live) in a houseboat for six years and I still do.

I’ve lived in a houseboat for six years and I still do.

2. I never (be) to Bangladesh.

3. When I (leave) school two years ago, I (feel) a great sense of freedom.

4. He (always/be) a pessimist, since the moment he (is) born.

5. She couldn't cope with his behavior so she (leave) him.

That (be) two years ago.

6. I (never/live) in a block of flats, but my parents (live) in a flat when

they (be) first married.

7. She (have) a tattoo for six months. She (go) to a place in town

to get it done.

8. When I (be) younger, my grandparents (speak) Russian so

I (pick) up a few words, but I can't speak it properly.



Ex.7 Complete the conversation with the correct Present Perfect

or Past Simple form of the verb in brackets.


ALAN - Flow nice to see you!

BARBARA - It's nice to be here.

CLARK - ( you/have) … any trouble finding us?

DAN - Oh no. We ( be) … here before, you know.

ALAN - Oh, really? But we ( only/live) … here for

three weeks.

BARBARA - Yes. But we knew the people who (live) …

here before you.

CLARE - You mean Sara and Jeff?

DAN - Yes. They ( be) … friends of ours since we met

them at university.

ALAN - How interesting. Well, anyway, can I take your coats?

BARBARA - Thanks.

CLARE - Go on through to the sitting room. I expect you know

your way!


Ex.8 Complete the following sentences with the correct form

of the verb in brackets and either since or for.


1. Ashley (live) … in a camper van … three years.

2. He (be) … a writer … October 1999.

3. His wife, Stella, (work) … on an organic farm … Ashley gave up

his job.

4. They (not/eat) … any meat … two years.

5. Ashley (speak) … French … was a child.

6. They (be) … married … ten years.

7. I (not/see) … them … last January.

8. He (have) … a shaved head … May last year.



Ex.9 Complete the dialogue with just(a short time ago)

or yet(up until now).


JANE - Why are you so happy?

KATE - I've … heard that I've won a million pounds.

JANE - That's fantastic! What are you going to do with it?

KATE - I haven't decided ….

JANE - But you must have dreamed of this moment.

KATE - Well yes, but its only … happened. I'm still in shock.

JANE - Have you told your husband yet?

KATE - No. I've only … found out myself!

JANE - But you are going to, aren't you?

KATE - I haven't made a decision about that ….

JANE - Hey! Wait a minute! I've … had an idea. You

could lend me some money!

KATE - Mmm ...

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