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Changes Wich Have Recently Taken Place in Family Life

The twenty first century brought many changes into social life. Alterations linked with industrialization, globalization, acceleration and emancipation of women. All this transformations have made considerable influence on family institute. In recent years we can observe undermining distinctions between sexes: amplification the role of wife in family and feminization of father. Another feature of our time is weakening of linkages between parents and children that cause lack of time in forebears on their offsprings due to indispensability of earning money. Moreover state of facts to make deeper generation gap. Also single-parent families became widespread phenomenon. Besides, an amount of nuclear family is growing up that entails indissolubility of generations. Consequently, new age had brought us both bad and good changes.

My Attitude to So-called Rules of Succesful Marrige

Rules of successful marriage are a useful list of advice for keeping warm relations in the family, but leading it never bring you to complete happiness, because it doesn`t take into consideration all the specific of a particular situation. These rules are too much generalized and may be not appropriate for character and values of your spouse. For instance, you could be very sensitive to your wife feelings, but she might be introvert and will be angry when you `climb into the soul`. There are also many different lists of rules and great part of them had been composed by dilettantes, so you can even make worse. I am treating with suspicions to all these rules, because I know that there is no universal solution to all problems.

My Idea of a Perfect Marriage

A marriage of my dream is not perfect, because I understand that ideal is something we never reach. If my matrimony is perfect I will apply for divorce, because ideality of my partner would make me feel defective. Also when everything is all right you stop estimate your happiness, because even perfect routine annoys. Nevertheless, I have some conceptions about good hymen. I want my wedlock to be marry, interesting, extraordinar, passionate, unpredictable and a bit crazy, because I like wild girl very much. Moreover the family should consist of three or more sons. It is my dream to have many strong, handsome and consolidated boys. And one more thing, my relationship with spouse must be skittish, because I don’t like formalistic attitude, besides it is so thrilling everyday play another role, to put on new mask. In conclusion, my ideal marriage is wild, problematic, curious relationship with beautiful wife.

Generation Gap. My Personal Experience of This Phenomenon

It is hard for the eldery to understand the youngery, because of different number of life experience. This misunderstanding called generation gap. Like other children I had generation gap with my parents. It referred to the way I dress – my father doesn’t like my fashionable shabby jeans and stylish leather jacket; my haircut style – my mother quarrels with me about my Cossack haircut. They don’t like music I listen to. It is very difficult when people who are closest to you don’t understand you and obtrude you their views on life, but there is the way out – it’s a compromise between generations. This compromise include on the one hand respect to the eldery and on the other hand involve condescension to youngery.


Describe the way people usually organize weddings in Ukraine. What alternative ways to organize a marriage ceremony have you heard of or can you think of?

Peoples in Ukraine usually organize weddings loudly and funny. We never say about Ukraine wedding "to celebrate", but always "to play wedding". It comes from the old Ukrainian wedding traditions, when wedding was not just a party but a whole set of special rituals which symbolized creation of a strong life foundation of a new family and its future well-being. It was more a theater play than a party where the solemnity and merry-making played together. The traditional Ukrainian weddings differ from village to village in details, but all of them follow the same pattern in the order of wedding actions. There is very good tradition in which groom has to pay a ransom to be admitted in the house to join the bride's family at the table. I have heard about alternative way of organizing a marriage ceremony in which couple “played wedding” in night of Midsummer. So, wedding ceremony in Ukraine is amazing show.


The Importance of family in the life of a person, in functioning of a society, in identification of nationality

Family is important not only in life’s of its members but even for functioning of a society, and in identification of nationality. The family is very important structure in our society. Only family can be an emotional center of people's life. In a family begins national consciousness of its offsprings. For example, in English speaking parents can be only English speaking children. Good family relationship are based on the character of an every member of the family. The greatest part of responsibility for family relationship lies on the parents shoulders. Their moral principles form the character of their children. Kids which grow without necessary attention will pay in the same way to their parents in the nearest future. So, family is element of society which is important not only for it members but for all the country.


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