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Ex. 2 Write out all the places where one can shop and mention their

Advantages and disadvantages.

Ex. 3 Agree or disagree with the following statements.

1. The largest stock of goods can be found only in the supermarket.

2. The best fruit in season are available only in the High Street.

3. Shopping in the supermarket is swift.

4. In the supermarket it isn’t easy to make up your mind what to buy as music playing in the background attracts your attention.

5. Keep your wits about you not to buy junk in the street market.

6. You can have your provisions delivered both in town and in the country.

7. The shop keepers of a local village shop knows you family likes and dislikes.

8. The turnover of a local market is larger than that of a supermarket.

9. Going to different places and comparing prices and quality you may choose the best place for you to shop.


Ex. 4 Enlarge on the following.

1. The atmosphere of a local village shop is very friendly.

2. Browsing along the stalls in the supermarket and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells is not the only advantage of this place.

3. If you want to find genuine bargains – go to the supermarket.

4. Keep your wits about you in the supermarket.

5. Only through your experience you are likely to get freshest fruit.


Ex. 5 Work in groups of 4. Choose one shopping place and try to prove it's the best place to make purchases.


Ex. 6 Make up situations with the following word – combinations. Give a title to each situation.

1) to keep an account, to overspend, to queue, to make up your mind, to be confused, in the background;

2) to look for odds and ends, reliable stall-holders, at reasonable prices, in season, to brouse, to exchange news;

3) to order from home, to have something delivered, to let somebody know, essential goods, bus fares, to pay the account;

4) a large turnover, through one's experience, expensive – looking shops, to be best for something, cut-price shops, to suit somebody best, to compare prices and quality.


Unit 5 Buying a present


Pretext exercises

Ex. 1 Discuss in groups:

1 Is it a difficult task to buy a present?

2 What is the best place for buying a present?

3 What present suits any occasion?


Ex. 2 Read the text and do the tasks after it.


TEXT A Some More Shopping

For suits of clothes my husband prefers all-round wool in grey or navy-blue. In the department store they always have a broad selection of greys and blues in the line of men’s clothes there. So we got him that grey suit but it was a bit broad in the shoulders and long in the sleeves so they offered some slight alterations free. They took his measurement and asked us to leave his purchase in the shop till the next day, when they delivered it to our place all right. We also got him a tie to match.

We had some trouble choosing a pair of quality shoes for our son. He must have overgrown his size. All the shoes that he tried were pinching his toes. But when they offered us a pair a size larger, it fitted him well. We paid for it at the cashier’s counter, and while the bill was being receipted, the assistant ran a ribbon two times round the shoe-box and handed it over to us. On the way back we dropped in at the hosiery department and bought him a pair of nice socks to match. We were perfectly outfitted and went home quite happy. We failed to do only one thing – to buy a birthday present for Granny. We decided to think it over and buy it the next day.


Exercises on the text


Ex. 1 Translate into Russian:

a broad selection of greys and blues, to take measurements, to get a tie to mach, to overgrow one's size, to pinch toes, the bill was being receipted, to run a ribbon round the box, to be perfectly outfitted.


Ex. 2 Rephrase the word combinations

pure wool, dark blue, a wide choice of, too wide in shoulders, the sleeves are too long, to make some changes, without payment, it was just his size, to give something to somebody, to call at.


Ex. 3 Speak how Mrs. Smith and her family went shopping last Saturday.

Unit 6 The advantages of a supermarket

Text A Shopping in aN AMERICAN supermarket

The shopping centre (when she reached it) was all that she could wish for. There was a Woolworth’s, and a hardware store that sold every kind of nail the world had ever made, a florist where she bought her plants, a drugstore with a soda fountain where she treated herself to banana splits, and finally the supermarket. (Which she did not think she would ever cease to enjoy, however long she lived in America.)

The supermarket has become one of the natural phenomena of American life. It would be a small and backward village indeed that did not have one. Children are brought up to it and never know the friendly tea and biscuit smell of a corner grocery.

The first time Christine ventured into her local supermarket she thought she was in heaven. She took her little wire basket on wheels and pushed it round, gaping at the thousands of tins on the shelves, at the vegetables freshly washed and wrapped in cellophane, the deep-freeze locker where you could get whole meals all ready to be thawed out and eaten, and the butcher’s glass – fronted refrigerator with pork chops, lamb chops, legs of veal,. breasts of chicken and crimson rounds of the kind of steaks Christine had long since forgotten.

Soon, however, she had to curb her enthusiasm. She had to, because she was spending too much. The prices were terrifying. When you got to the cash register at the end of the store where the incredibly quick man reckoned up the contents of your basket, the final sum that sprang up on the till was always more than you expected.


Exercises on the text


Ex. 1 Comprehension questions.


1.What shops had Christine dropped into before she came into the supermarket? 2. Where did the first supermarkets appear? 3. How soon did they gain popularity in America? 4. Do shopkeepers of small American shops loose some of their trade when big supermarkets appear? Why? 5. What impression did the supermarket produce on Christine when she came there for the first time? 6. Why did she have to curb her enthusiasm very soon?


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