Ex. 2 Read the dialogues. Dramatize them


1. Will you show me those black shoes?

- Leather-soled or rubber-soled?

- Those ones, black leather-soled shoes, please.

- What size do you wear?

- Thirty-eight.

- Here you are.


2. - Well, how do I look in this coat?

- Very nice indeed. It suits you perfectly. And the material is of high quality. It will wear for years, I am sure.

- Isnt it too loose in the shoulders?

- I wouldnt say that. But you may try (on) a size smaller.


3. - Good morning, madam. What can I do for you?

- A pound of apples at one shilling and these oranges for three shillings.

- Yes, madam. Wouldnt you like some peaches? They are so juicy and sweet. Just from the country.

- I think Ill take some. Add half a dozen.

- Anything else, madam?

- No, thank you.


4. - Excuse me, how do I get to the footwear department?

- Straight on end , then right.

- Do they sell stockings there, too?

- No, stockings are sold at the haberdashery department. This way. Second floor.


5. - Can you show me some blouses, please?

- Will that light green one do?

- I dont care much for the colour. Its rather too loud for me.

- Heres one a shade darker.

- Oh, thats just the thing Ive been looking for.


6. - How much is that blue striped suit over there?

- Let me see . roubles.

- Oh, thats more than I can afford. Id like something of the same cut, but cheaper.

- Then have a look at this grey one. The quality is excellent for the price.

- Can I buy it on hire-purchase?

- I am afraid not.

7. - What can I do for you?

- I need gloves.

- What gloves would you like: leather or suede?

- I havent made my choice yet. What could you advise?

- I think these suede gloves are good. And the colour is very nice.

- Thank you and the size is just mine. Ill buy them.


8. - What would you like, sir?

- I need a suit for everyday wear. Can I have a look at this grey suit?

- Here you are. Its size 50.

- Can I try it on?

- Certainly. The fitting-room is over there.


Ex. 3 Discuss with your mate the following situations:

a) You are going to do some shopping. You are not sure whether there is enough food in your refrigerator.

b) You are doing some shopping at the butcher's, grocer's etc.

c) Have a talk with your friend about the latest fashion and style in clothes and shoes.

d) Act as an interpreter and help an Englishman in his talk with a shop-assistant at the ready-made clothes' department.


Unit 3 What is shopping?

Pretext exercises

Ex. 1 Answer the questions:

1 Do you like shopping? Why?

2 Who does shopping for food in your family?

Ex. 2 Read the text and do the exercises after it.

TEXT A Shopping: a Must and a Pleasure

Shopping can be both a must () and a pleasure. Those who hate shopping place their orders by telephone and it saves them a lot of time. Ordering food products by telephone is therefore growing more popular. Some make a hobby of shopping tours, whether they actually buy any things or are just window-gazing. Besides, most housewives would like to see what they are getting for their money and do their shopping out themselves.

Different as peoples feelings about shopping are, you somehow couldnt think of shopping for provisions in terms of pleasure, you always think of it in terms of necessity. In case youre not a gourmand (), you certainly feel happier just merely window-shopping at an expensive jewellers than actually buying a joint of beef from your butchers, with all your folks at home hoping for a good dinner after their days work at an office, school or college.

My friend Alice Turner and me, we both do our shopping together, generally on Saturday morning. Last Saturday I went to the butchers for a small joint of beef and then to the greengrocers, which is also a fruiterers, for some eating apples and cooking apples, a dozen oranges, beans, potatoes and a good-sized head of cabbage.

Then we went together to the bakers and paid for the bread that we had had, two brown loaves, two white loaves and six rolls, and bought some fruit-cake and half a dozen small cakes (hes a confectioner as well as a baker) and then went home feeling rather tired.

I am also a regular customer at one of the big London stores. I went there today and enjoyed myself very much wandering from one department to another, looking at various articles on the counters. I thought the assistants were very helpful. There must have been hundreds of salesmen and saleswomen and dozens of different departments including china, haberdashery, confectionery, hardware and even provisions.

We all wear clothes, and that is another necessity next to provisions. We all do our shopping for clothes in that same big department store. Last month we bought a nice summer frock () for myself. The assistant showed me a green frock which I liked very much, and all the more so when I tried it on and admired myself in the dressing-booth mirror. What a darling it was! It said Id wear it then and there, so there was no trouble changing again. My husband suggested we also buy a hand-bag to match which we did.


Exercises on the text


Ex. 1 Practise aloud the following word combinations from the text.

hate shopping; about shopping; last Saturday; bought some bacon; what they are getting; out themselves; good dinner; place their orders; is therefore; I thought the assistants; went home feeling.


Ex. 2 Comprehension questions:

1.What do people who hate shopping do? 2. Why do most housewives do the shopping out themselves? 3. Do all the people think of shopping for provisions in terms of necessity? 4. What did Alice go shopping for? 5. Is the author a regular customer at one of the big London stores? 6. What is another necessity next to provisions?


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