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B. Write the full form (she is / we are not etc.).

7. we aren't . we are not 9. you're ……. 11. it isn’t …….

8. I'm ……. 10. they aren't ……. 12. she’s …….


13. he isn’t …….

14. You aren’t …….

2. Put in am, is or are.

1 The weather ...is…. very nice today.

2 I not tired.

3 This case very heavy.

4 These cases very heavy.

5 The dog asleep.

6 10 Ann at home but her children at school.

7 Look! There Carol.

8 This castle one thousand years old.

9 hot. Can you open the window, please?

10 I a student. My sister an architect.

11 My brother and I good tennis players.

3. Write full sentences. Use am/is/are each time.

1 (my shoes very dirty) ....My shoes are very dirty

2 (my bed very comfortable) My

3 (your cigarettes in your bag)

4 (I not very happy today)

5 (this restaurant very expensive)

6 (the shops not open today)

7 (Mr Kelly's daughter six years old)

8 (the houses in this street very old)

9 (the examination not difficult)

10 (those flowers very beautiful)

4. Write positive or negative sentences. Use am / am not / is / isn't / are / aren't.

1 (Paris / the capital of France) Paris is the capital of France

2 (I / interested in football) I’m not interested in football

3 (I / hungry) I ...

4 (it / warm today) It ... today.

5 (Rome / in Spain) Rome ...

6 (I / afraid of dogs) I ...

7 (my hands / cold) My ...

8 (Canada / a very big country)

9 (the Amazon / in Africa)

10 (diamonds / cheap)

11 (motor-racing / a dangerous sport)

12 (cats / big animals)




Here is your first project. Make a project about YOU.

· Give some information about yourself.

· Show some of your favourite things.




1. Look at the names of the professions. Pair up. Try to guess from the mime of your partner what the job is:


secretary; hairdresser; photographer; singer; boss; model; actor/actress; farmer; policeman; teacher; computer programmer; pilot; driver; salesperson; homemaker; police officer.

Choosing a Career

Pre-reading task: What jobs, do you think, are the most prestigious ones in this country these days? What is your dream job?

Work is one of the essential things that we must do through our lifetime. There are many reasons for people to work. We can also say that we work because of the money.

Money is one of the factors which make people go out for a job. But maybe it is not the only or not the main reason why people enjoy working all day. Respect and learning are the two primary reasons that make people work.

First of all, working can help people win respectsfrom others. No one would like a healthy person who depends on family or society to support for a lifetime. Otherwise, he or she is like a parasite in our life. In society, every one needs to work for the family, for the community and for the country. For example, a housewife needs take care of the house and the kids, and as a housewife and a mother, she gains respects from her husband and kids; an employee, after fulfilling his or her job, receives compliments from the boss; a military mandefends his country, and he deserves the rewards from the nation. In this sense, working helps people recognize their valuesand win respects as a human being in society.

Secondly, the other main reason for people to work is that we can learn and develop ourselves through working. To begin with, when we work, we usually meet other people and co-operate with each other. At this point, we sometimes become a supporter of someone. This can help people to get through the strict life. We also learn how to work together effectively and can adapt to the modern world more easily by doing work together. We work in order to know how toget through the harsh lifewith other people, get honor from other people, and feel achievement through our work. Workplace is a very important place to make friends for us, especially in fast pace life nowadays. In working, we can learn from one another. We can communicate the information, which we get individually, we can ask for advice from our colleagues and we can share the experience with our workmates. In this way, we could learn faster than we learn alone due to our limited energy. Compared to staying at home alone, working makes us have more friends and more skills. So when we face difficulties, we have more ability and courage, we feel stronger to conquerthem. Besides, in a certain extent, working can be viewedas a kind of exercises in our life – keeping working prevents us from being lazy.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reasons for people to work. Different persons have different motivations for work. People work because they know how to work together fluently, they want to get respect and honor from other people, and they want to feel achievement about their work.




essential -основной

through our lifetime –в течение жизни

to go out for a job – начинать работать

primary- первичный

to win respects –заслужить уважение

to support for a lifetime –поддерживать кого-то (материально) в течение всей жизни

otherwise -иначе, по-другому

work for –работать на кого-то

housewife- домохозяйка

to gain respects – заслужить уважение

employee - сотрудник

to fulfill one’s job –выполнять свою работу

to receive compliments– получать похвалу

military man - военный

reward– награда,вознаграждение

values- ценности

learn and develop ourselves through working– учиться и развиваться посредством работы

co-operate with– сотрудничать с

to get through the strict (harsh) life –справляться с трудностями жизни

to get honor from –получать почет от

to feel achievement through our work– чувствовать, что добиваешься каких-то результатов, делая свою работу

workplace –место работы

to make friends– заводить друзей

workmate -товарищ по работе

compared to –в сравнении с

to face difficulties –сталкиваться с трудностями

to conquer- завоевывать

to be viewed- рассматриваться

fluently– бегло, быстро

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