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Ex.4. Match words from list A with words from list B that have a similar meaning.

purchase value perform exchange represent spend retain accumulate wealth riches increase keep pay money for smth. change denote complete a task worth buy


Ex.5. Find suitable opposites to the following words:

to represent, popular, success, value, to trust, to accumulate, similar, easy.


Ex.6. Match the nouns in the left-hand column with the verbs in the right-hand column:

    money     the value assess decline in establish exceed fluctuate in reduce offset transfer borrow earn lose make save spend


Ex.7. What part of speech are these words? You can find out by looking in your dictionary.

  noun verb adjective
monetary ------ ------ ------
monetize ------ ------ ------
moneymaker ------ ------ ------
moneyed ------ ------ ------
money-grubber ------ ------ ------


Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian:

1. He doesn’t have much monetary sense; he’s always wasting his money.

2. The government monetized its bonds and spent the money on new projects.

3. That new saleswoman is already a moneymaker for our company.

4. She married a man from a moneyed family.

5. He is such a money-grubber that he won’t answer a question unless you tell him how much you will pay him.


Ex.8. The words in the box frequently occur before “money”.



Find combinations that mean:

1. money that is being used by the public as opposed to money left in bank accounts;

2. money easily available on loan at a low rate of interest;

3. extra money or high wages paid to people working in dangerous conditions;

4. money that is difficult to borrow because of high interest rates;

5. money that is not circulated or invested and does not earn interest;

6. an item that can be easily exchanged in the way that money can, although it is not money itself. It includes cheques and postal orders but not banknotes or coins;

7. money lent on condition that it must be repaid immediately if necessary;

8. money offered by someone to show that he/she is honest and truthful and will keep to all agreed terms and conditions;

9. the reward paid by the owners of a rescued ship or goods to the person or organization that saved it/them;

10. change for small purchases;

11. money which is moved from country to country to get the best return;

12. money paid to someone in return for keeping silent about a crime.


Ex.9. Look at the words and phrases in the box. Match them with the correct definition from the list below.



1. banknotes;

2. a means of payment, esp. coins and banknotes, given and accepted in buying and selling;

3. a means for retaining and accumulating wealth;

4. a single standard or “yardstick” that is used to assign values to, and compare the values of products and resources;

5. anything that is accepted as payment for products and resources;

6. the recording of all money received into and paid out of a company in a book or on a computer file;

7. the worth of something in terms of the money or goods for which it can be exchanged;

8. a large amount of money, goods or property.


Ex.10. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. Our central aim is to make … .

2. Credit cards and cheques are increasingly used as … .

3. Returned goods can be exchanged for goods of an equivalent … .

4. You will be given a higher salary in … for doing a more responsible job.

5. I … my business partner completely.

6. She … most of her parents’ property, but some went to her children.

7. My savings are … interest.

8. A 10% profit after taxes is widely seen as … for making money in a business.

9. One of the most important … of my job is to see that goods are delivered on time.

10. He … $200 to fix his car.

spent; functions; a yardstick; accumulating; trust; exchange; retained; value; the medium of exchange; money



Ex.11. Below are some of the most common terms used to describe different types of wrongdoing. Translate them into Ukrainian and match these types of wrongdoing to their definitions.

1. bribery a) taking goods secretly and illegally in or out of a country, esp. without paying customs duty;
2. embezzlement b) illegally giving someone money so that they act in your favour;
3. forgery or counterfeiting c) any illegal money-making activity;
4. fraud or racket or scam d) fixing the price of something illegally;
5. market rigging e) illegally taking money from the organization you work for;
6. money laundering f) hiding the criminal origin of money such as drug money.
7. smuggling g) making or faking false documents, banknotes;


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