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VI. Write about the age of people in your family in as many ways as you can.

VII. Ask your groupmates questions about a) their age; b) the age of their family members. Follow the models:


a) - How old are you? ( What’s your age?)

- I’m in my late teens.

- Are you?

- Yes, I’m 17.

b) - How old is your father? ( What’s your father’s age?)

- He is in his mid-forties.

- Is he?

- Yes, he is 45.


VIII. Re-write these sentences making use of compound adjectives. (Compound adjectives are adjectives made of two or more words).


E.g. My son is two years old. – I’ve got a two-year-old son.



  1. My son is eleven. – I’ve got an ………….. son. 2. We’ve got a daughter of six. - We’ve got a ………… daughter. 3. Their baby is only two months old. - They’ve got a ……….baby. 4. Their twins are ten years old now. – They’ve got ……….twins.


IX. Famous quotes

Complete these quotes with the following words:

Age feel income forty youth young


1. You are only as old as you ………. .

2. Life begins at ……… .

3. Women lie about their ………; men lie about their ……… .

4. …….. lasts longer than the …….. think .

Do you agree with the quotes? Why or why not?














of small/medium/powerful/athletic build




buildn [C;U] shape and size, especially of the human body, e.g. a powerful build/ My brother and I are of the same build. We can also use the word figure, when we consider the human shape from the point of view of being attractive, e.g. She has a good figure.


fat adj weighing too much because you have too much flesh on your body. It is a very direct word. You might use it about yourself but it will usually cause offence if you use it about somebody else, e.g. I’m so fat at the moment. Syn. stout, plump, overweight. Saying that somebody is stout, plump,oroverweightis more polite than saying they arefat. e.g. He is slightly overweight. She is 10 kilos overweight. He was a plump red-faced man. My teacher was a stout old lady. Plump is often used to talk about women and children meaning fat and rounded in a pleasant way, e.g. a plump baby/ The nurse was a cheerful plump woman.

well-builtadj having a big strong body. It is a fairly polite way to describe somebody with a large, strong or fat body, e.g. John was a powerful, well-built man.

stocky adj thic k, short and strong, e.g. He was short and stocky.

thinadj having little fat on the body. It is a general word and is usually, but not always, disapproving, e.g. thin arms/legs/lips etc She looked thin after her illness. Teenage girls all seem to want to be thin.Syn. slim, skinny, lanky. Slimmeans thin in an attractive way, e.g. her lovely slim figure/ a slim young woman/ a slim waist/ I wish I were as slim as you.Skinny is a fairly informal word meaning very thin, which is usually disapproving, e.g. Some supermodels are far too skinny. Lankymeans tall and thin and moving awkwardly, e.g. a lanky young man





I. Match the pairs of sentences with the pictures on the right:

(Vocabulary Organiser Unit 9 Ex1)



II. Transcribe and translate the words:


Build, stout, medium, athletic, broad-shouldered, fat, overweight, lanky.


III. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:


статный, пухленький, толстый, полный, худой, стройный, долговязый, тощий, широкоплечий, коренастый

IV. Decide whether these statements are true or false:

1. Lanky means ungracefully tall and thin. 2. Slim people are short and plump. 3. Skinny means unattractively thin. 4. Someone who is stout is rather fat and heavy. 5. Well-built means small and well-proportioned. 6. An overweight person weighs more than is expected or usual. 7. If a person has a big strong body he is fat. 8. Plump people look fat and unattractive. 9. Someone who is stocky is tall and strong.


V. Choose the right word:


  1. Skinny / slim is more positive and attractive than thin. 2. If somebody is skinny / slim they are too thin. 3. Saying that somebody is fat / overweight is neutral and polite. 4. Plump / well-built people are strong and muscular. 5. Tom looks really pale and thin / slim. I’m worried he might be ill. 6. He’s two kilos stout / overweight. 7. Ann is slim / lanky and graceful.

VI. Complete the sentences:


1. A man is considered to have a good figure if he has …. , ….. , ….. and ….. .

2. A woman is considered to have a good figure if she has …. , ….. and …… .



VII. Try to think of a famous person who is:







- skinny

- stocky

- thin

- absolutely enormous




VIII. Describe your friend’s and your own build.



1.7 m/4 ft 7 inches tall/ in height

of medium/ average height

below/ above average height

tall/ tallish

short/ shortish



height/hait/ n [C;U] the quality or degree of being tall or high; high/hai/ adj; e.g. His height makes him easy to see in the crowd. What’s the height of the Empire State Building? High is used to describe something that is a long way above the ground ( or whose top is a long way above the ground), e.g. The rooms on the ground floor have very high ceilings. The top shelf was too high for me to reach. The high wall made it impossible for prisoners to escape. Ant. low,e.g. a low ceiling/shelf/wall etc Tall ( nothigh)is used to describe people, animals, trees, plants and things which are narrow and above average height, e.g. Most of the tall trees have been cut down. I’d like to marry someone tall with a sense of humour. He is almost 6 feet tall. Ant. short, small, e.g. a short ( small) woman

Note that in Russia we use the metric system and express a person’s height in centimetres and metres,e.g. He’s over 1 metre 80 centimetres in height.( 1 metre 80 ) British people measure height in feet and inches, e.g. He’s 4 feet 7 inches tall.( 4 ft 7 )

1 foot is equal to 30,5 centimetres

1 inch is equal to 25,4 millimetres


I.Transcribe and translate the words:height, average, below, above.

II. Express the height of these people in metres and centimetres:

1. He’s 5 ft 7 tall. 2. He’s 6 ft 3 tall. 3 He is 4 ft 7 tall.



III. Combine the words in A with the right words in B:


A. high, low, tall, short

B. building, fence, ceiling, temperature, giraffe, prices, man, glass, hill, shelf, dancer, chimney

IV.Choose the right word:

1. George Washington was a high/tall man. 2. Snowdon is the highest/tallest mountain in Wales. 3. That high/tall column over there is Nelson’s monumemt. 4. The tree was so high/tall that he was afraid to jump down. 5. Dick is higher/taller than the other boys in his class. 6. There is a high/tall wall around the palace. 7. He wanted to ring the bell, but it was too high/tall and he was not high/tall enough. 8. I don’t know who lives on the other side of that high/tall fence. 9. Beauvais is very proud of having the highest/tallest cathedral in Europe.

V. Answer the questions:

1. What is your height? ( in centimetres/ in feet) 2. How tall is your friend? Is he shorter or taller than you? How many centimetres/ inches shorter or taller is he ? 3. Do you know many people who are below or above average height? 4. Who is the shortest/tallest person you know? How tall are they exactly? 5. How do you feel about your height? Would you like to be shorter or taller? Why? 6.Do you think it is good to be below/above average height? Give reasons.
















beautifuladj extremely attractive to look at; Syn.pretty, handsome, good-looking, attractive, lovely. Beautiful is a much stronger word to describe a person’s appearance than pretty, lovely, handsome, good-looking or attractive. Beautiful, prettyandlovely can be used of women, children, and things, but not usually of men, e.g. a beautiful woman/ house; a pretty child/ picture; a lovely girl/ view etc. Handsome is usually used of men, but a handsomewoman is good-looking in a strong healthy way. Good-looking can be used of men amd women, but not usually of things.Attractive can be used of men, women, and things, e.g. an attractive young man/ an attractive pattern.

plain adj not beautiful or attractive, often used because you want to avoid saying this directly, e.g. Mrs Cookson was a rather plain woman.

ugly adj extremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at, e.g. a very ugly man/ the ugliest building in town; ugly is the most negative word to describe somebody; plain is more polite.




I.Translate and transcribe the words:


Beautiful, handsome, pretty, lovely, good-looking, attractive, plain, ugly, funny-looking,

weird-looking, noble-looking.

II. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words and word-combinations:


Хорошенькая, красивая, милая, привлекательный, красивый, приятной наружности, некрасивый, безобразный, благородной / странной наружности.


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