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IX. Choose the closest description from the list for each person. Make each description more accurate.


See Unit6: RIGHTS and WRONGS











high cheekbones

a high/low forehead

a wide/ narrow forehead

a long/short nose

a large/small nose

a snub/ turned-up nose

a straight nose

a hooked nose

a pointed nose

thin lips

full lips

pursed lips

a small/large mouth

a vivid mouth

a cleft chin

a double chin

a pointed chin

a jutting chin

a receding chin





square adj if somebody’s body or a part of their body is square, it looks broad and strong,

e.g. a square jaw/face

prominent adj something that is prominent is large and sticks out, e.g. a prominent feature/ nose/chin; prominent cheekbones/teeth

cheekbone n [C usually pl] one of the two bones above your cheeks, just below your eyes,

e.g. She had high cheekbones and green eyes.

forehead n [C] the part of your face above your eyes and below your hair, e.g. a man with

a high forehead

a snub nose is short and points slightly upwards, e.g.She had an interesting face with a snub nose and large appealing eyes. Syn. a turned-up nose (= an upturned nose)

full lipsare large and rounded in an attractive way, e.g. Her full red lips parted in a faint smile. Ant. thin lips

pursed lipsare brought together tightly into a small circle, especially to show disapproval or doubt; purse (up) your lips, e.g. She pursed her lips and shook her head. Her little mouth was pursed up tight.

vivid adj very bright in colour, e.g. a vivid mouth

cleft chin n [C]a cleft chin has an area on it that goes slightly inwards

double chin n [C] a fold of loose skin between the face and neck that looks like a second chin

pointed adj having a sharp end, e.g. a pointed nose/chin/beard

a jutting chin is further forward than normal; Ant. a receding chin

receding chin n[C] a chin that slopes backwards




I.Transcribe and translate the words:


Round, square, oval, cheekbones, forehead, narrow, snub, turned-up, straight, hooked, pointed, pursed, mouth, vivid, cleft, double, pointed, chin, jutting.

II. Match the words below to the parts of the head and face in the pictures:




See Unit 18 Ex 1 /Vocabulary Organiser/


III. Combine the nouns in A with the adjectives in B. With some adjectives more than one combination is possible.


A. B.

1. hair a) narrow

b) snub

2. face c) sleek

d) double

3. lips e) hooked

f) thinning

4. forehead g) fair

h) full

5. nose i) straight

j) thin

6. chin k) pointed

l) long

m) curly

n) high

o) receding

p) prominent

IV. Give antonyms of the following word-combinations:


thin lips, long face, square face, high forehead, long nose, straight nose, prominent nose, small mouth, receding chin, prominent chin



V. Give English equivalents of the following :


вытянутое лицо, овальное лицо, скуластое лицо, высокие скулы, узкий лоб, высокий лоб, вздернутый нос, крючковатый нос, тонкие губы, полные губы, наморщенные губы, маленький ротик, большой рот, яркий рот, раздвоенный подбородок, острый подбородок, двойной подбородок, срезанный подбородок, выступающий вперед подбородок



VI. Put in the right preposition ( with, in, of):


a) a stocky man ______ his late forties; b) a pretty girl ______ a ponytail; c) a young woman ______ average height; d) a child ______ a plump face; e) a good-looking man _____ a black coat


VII. Combine the two sentences into one .


1. She was a slim woman. She was in her thirties.

Example: She was a slim woman in her thirties.


2. He was a tall young man. He was of powerful build. 3. Mrs Smith was an elderly lady. She had a long thin face. 4. His sister was a funny little girl. She had a fringe. 5. He was a broad-shouldered man. He had a square face and a firm jaw. 6. Alice is a pretty young girl. She is in her mid-teens.



VIII. Describe each of your groupmates using one sentence .


Example: Nelly is a tall slim girl with long dark hair and a turned-up nose.





sunburned (sunburnt)

suntanned (tanned)












complexionn [C] the skin on a person’s face, e.g.a pale/fair/ruddy etc complexion / He said I had a good complexion. Compare: skin n [U], e.g. She had dark skin.

pale adj having a skin colour that is very white; Syn. fair,e.g. If you are fair-skinned, you should try to stay out of the sun.

sunburned (sunburnt)adj having skin that is attractively brown as a result of spending time in the sun; Syn. brown; suntanned (tanned), e.g. He had a tough tanned face and clear eyes.

dark adj if your skin is dark, it is brown or black in colour, e.g. The young man had thick black hair and smooth dark skin. Ant. fair

blackadj someone whose skin is black belongs to a race of people from Africa, e.g. Over half the students are black. Ant. white .We say that people are black or white but not black-skinned or white-skinned. We can say people are dark-skinned or fair-skinned. We sometimes say that somebody has got a pale complexion or that they are pale-skinned but if we just say that somebody is pale or looks pale, it is because they aren’t feeling very well.

oliveadj olive skin/ complexion is typical of people from countries such as Greece, Italy, or Turkey

orientaladj of or from the eastern part of the world, especially China or Japan

ruddy adj reddish in colour usually because of good health, anger or hard work, e.g. ruddy cheeks/ a ruddy complexion

sallow adj sallow skin looks slightly yellow and unhealthy, e.g. a woman with dark hair and a sallow complexion




I.Transcribe and translate the words:


Pale, fair, sunburned, suntanned, fair-skinned, olive, oriental, healthy, ruddy, sallow.

II. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words and word-combinations:


цвет лица; бледная/ светлая/ темная кожа; загорелая/ коричневая/ смуглая/ желтая кожа; румяная/ здоровая/ нездоровая/ с желтоватым оттенком кожа


III. Match the synonyms:


1. brown a) negro

2. ruddy b) unhealthy

3. sallow c) tanned

4. pale d) healthy

5. black e) fair


IV. Decide whether these sentences are true or false:


1. If you sunbathe a lot, your skin becomes black. 2. People from China are usually olive-skinned. 3. If you are pale, you may be unwell. 4. Fair skin is very pale and burns easily in the sun. 5. You can have a ruddy complexion when you are excited. 6. People from Africa are dark-skinned. 7. Russian people are mostly fair-skinned. 8. A sallow complexion is a sign of good health.

V. Use these word-combinations in the sentences below:

long nails bad skin

big feet thin legs

lovely complexion long legs


1. Are these your shoes? You’ve got really ________, haven’t you? 2. You’ve got such _______.Would you like to move the seat back a bit? 3. I’ve never seen you in shorts before. You’ve got such _______. You should go running and try to build them up a bit! 4. You’ve got such lovely ______. Are they real? 5. Keith’s new girlfriend must spend a fortune on face cream to have such a _______. 6. Poor Tim. He’s had really _______ ever since he was 13.


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