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III. Replace the underlined word in each sentence with a word which is either more suitable or more polite.


1. He told me he met a handsome girl in the disco last night. 2. She’s beautiful but her younger sister is really quite ugly. 3. I think Peter is getting a bit fat, don’t you? 4. Most people want to stay slim, but not as skinny as that girl over there. 5. I think she hopes she’ll meet a few beautiful men at the tennis club.



IV. Combine the adjectives in A with the nouns in B:


A. beautiful, good-looking, pretty, attractive, lovely, handsome;

B. child, man, woman, doll, girl, view.



V. Complete these sentences in a suitable way.( More than one answer may be possible.)

1. The man was tall and well- _____. 2. I would say he was medium _____ . 3.Most supermodels are above _____ . 4. Her former boyfriend was stocky and broad- _____ . 5. Both men were very good- _____ . 6. Judging by his face and build, I can say he is middle- _____ . 7. With her wrinkled face and grey hair, Mrs Dickson was certainly past _____ . 8. I don’t believe he is of ______ . He behaves like a child.


VI. Think of a famous person who is:


- attractive and well-built

- tall and handsome

- slim and pretty

- plump and funny-looking

- medium built and height

- lanky and plain

- plump and good-looking

- tall and noble-looking

- handsome and very athletic

- tall and skinny

- short and weird-looking










grey (gray)



mousy (mousey)



a blonde

a brunette

a redhead




Your hair can be fair (blond or light brown) or dark (dark brown or black) in colour. E.g. She had long fair hair. He was a slim, dark-haired boy. If your hair is mousy (=mousey), it is a dull light brown colour ( the word mousy shows disapproval) E.g. Her mousy hair was loose and untidy.


When a person gets old their original hair colour changes to grey (=gray) before it becomes white. E.g. She had dark hair that was just beginning to turn grey. My grandfather went white at the age of thirty.

If your hair is highlighted, you have changed some of its parts in colour. If all your hair is changed in colour, it is dyed. E.g. She’s got dyed blonde hair.

Note that you can say ‘She’s aredhead” but you can’t say “She’s a blackhead” or a “blondehead” etc. Instead, you should say “She’s a brunette” or a “blonde”.



I.Transcribe and translate the words:


Hair colour, black, brown, fair, auburn, blonde, white, mousy, dyed, highlighted, brunette, redhead.


II. Arrange these hair colours from the fairest to the darkest:


black, blonde, dark brown, auburn, light brown, mousy, red



III. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:


светлые, белокурые, русые, темные, рыжие, золотисто-каштановые, седые, крашеные, мелированные (волосы)


IV. Decide whether these statements are true or false:


1. If your hair is white, it is dyed. 2. Light brown hair is fair. 3. If your hair is grey, it is mousy. 4. Auburn hair is lighter in colour than black hair. 5. Blond hair is white. 6. Mousy hair looks attractive. 7. Redheads don’t have a natural hair colour. 8. Light brown hair looks the same as red hair. 9. Old people usually have grey or white hair. 10. Dyed hair can’t be brown in colour.


V. Choose the right variant:


1. A person who has blonde hair is a blondehead/ blonde/ blondeman.

2. A person who has black hair is a blackhead/ blackman/ brunette.

3. A person who has red hair is a readhead/ red/ redman.






(of) medium length












swept / tied back

a fringe

a parting

a plait

a ponytail

a bun



bald / balding



to put/wear your hair in a bun/

in a ponytail/loose/in plaits etc





shoulder-length adj shoulder- length hair reaches down to your shoulders, e.g. She had shoulder-length brown hair.

thickadj if someone’s hair is thick, they have a lot of hair, e.g. She ran her fingers through her thick brown hair. Ant. thin, e.g. Your hair is getting very thin.

thin v [I] if someone’s hair is thinning, they have less hair than they used to, e.g. a tall man with thinning hair

sleek adj straight, shiny and healthy-looking, e.g. a young man with sleek dark hair

spiky adj hair that is spiky is stiff and stands up on top of your head, e.g. short black spiky hair

neat adj carefully arranged and looking nice; Syn. tidy; Ant. untidy, e.g. His hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail.

loose adj hanging freely rather than being tied back, e.g. Her hair fell loose around her shoulders.

fringe n [C] short hair that hangs down over your forehead, e.g. a tall girl with straight brown hair and a fringe / The girl wore her hair in a fringe.

parting n [C] BrE the line on your head made by dividing your hair with a comb, e.g. a centre parting / a side parting

bun n [C] a hairstyle in which a woman’s hair is tied in a tight round ball at the back of or on top of her head

dreadlocks n [pl] a way of arranging your hair in which it hangs in thick pieces that look like rope

shavev [I,T] your hair is shaved if it is cut off very close to the skin

balding adj (used of a man) beginning to lose the hair on the top of their head, e.g. a balding man in his mid-thirties

bald adj (used of a man or his head) someone who is bald or whose head is bald has little or no hair on the top of their head, e.g. a bald man / You are going bald. He has a large bald patch.

recede v [I] (used of a man or his hair) if your hair recedes, you gradually lose the hair at the front of your head, e.g. He was in his mid-forties, with a receding hairline. He’s receding a bit. His hair is receding at the temples.






I.Transcribe and translate the words:


Hairstyle, medium length, shoulder-length, straight, wavy, curly, sleek, spiky, neat, tidy, untidy, loose, fringe, plait, ponytail, bun, dreadlocks, bald, receding,

II. (Vocabulary Organizer: Unit 19 Ex.1)


III. (Vocabulary Organizer: Unit19 Ex.2)


IV. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:


лысый, лысеющий, с залысинами на висках, с хвостом, с пучком, с косами, с челкой, с пробором, волосы до плеч, распущенные (волосы), зачесанные назад, прямые, волнистые, кудрявые, лоснящиеся, густые, редкие, редеющие, чистые, грязные.



V. Decide whether these sentences are true or false:


1. If your hair is sleek, it looks good. 2. Spiky hair doesn’t look neat. 3. Young girls like to put their hair in a bun. 4. Elderly ladies prefer to wear their hair in dreadlocks. 5. Nowadays women are not allowed to wear their hair loose in public places. 6. If your hair is receding, you are losing the hair on the top of your head. 7. Men don’t usually wear their hair tied back.

8. A person’s hair thins with age.



VI. Combine the adjectives in A with nouns in B:


A. bald, balding. thinning, receding, curly, wavy, spiky, shaved;

B. hair, man.



VII. Describe your groupmates’ hair style and hair colour.


VIII. Answer the questions:


1. Are you happy with your natural hair colour? If not, what colour hair would you like to have? Why? 2. Have you ever dyed your hair? What colour? Did it make you look more attractive? 3. What hair style do you prefer? Why? 4. In what way did you put your hair when you were a child? 5. What hairstyle would you like to have when you become older?

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