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IV. Combine the adjectives in A with the nouns in B. Give as many combinations as it is possible.

A. B.

1. small a) hair

b) man

2. brown c) features

d) eyes

3. close-set e) complexion

f) eyelashes

4. thin g) teeth

h) eyebrows



V. Decide whether the following statements are true or false:


1. If you stay in the sun too long, you can get scars on your skin. 2. Dimples are considered unattractive. 3. Eating a lot of sweets causes moles. 4. No one can avoid lines and wrinkles as they get older. 5. Teenagers are usually proud of their spots. 6. Newborn babies have wrinkles on their skin. 7. You can easily get rid of your moles if you wish. 8. Some people are born with tattoos. 9. Girls in heavy make-up look attractive. 10. Oriental eyes are the kind of eyes that are usually narrow, slanted and dark blue. 11. When you say that a person has slanted eyes, you mean that they are cross-eyed.


VI. Use these words to complete the sentences below:


complexion mole scar

make-up cheekbones false teeth

wrinkles beards spots

teeth unshaven


1. Sarah wears a lot of ______ . She looks better without it, if you ask me. 2. I’m getting old. I’m starting to get ______ round my eyes. 3. I had terrible ______ when I was a teenager. No wonder I was so shy with girls. 4. Fiona’s got lovely high ______ . I find her very attractive. 5. Peter’s got a beautiful smooth _______ - like a baby’s. 6. I don’t like men with ______ but I quite like the ______ look - you know - one or two days without shaving. 7. My mum’s got a small, brown _______ on one of her cheeks. 8. I cut myself climbing a tree when I was ten and I’ve got this _______ just below my ear. 9. My grandfather looks really funny when he smiles because he’s got two ______ missing and he refuses to wear ______ .


VII. Match each of the following lines of adjectives with one of the following words:


nose teeth ears eyes hair face


1. round, square, oval, fat, thin, tanned

2. brown, blue, green, big, small, piercing

3. big, long, thin, pointed, flat, broken

4. white, yellow. rotten, false

5. dry, dull, lifeless, shiny, silky

6. small, large, sticking out


VIII. a) Make adjectives from these nouns:

E.g. beard - bearded (= with a beard; having a beard )

wrinkle -

freckle -

line -

plait -


b) Change the sentences below to use the adjectives you’ve made.


1. He was a tall man with a beard. - He was a tall bearded man. 2. The old woman had a lot ofwrinkleson her skin. 3. Peter has freckles on his nose. 4. Mrs Gray had lines on her forehead. 5. The girl’s hair was put in plaits.



IX. Change each sentence to include a compound adjective ending in - eyed, - faced, - haired, - nosed, - legged.


1.The dog had one eye. - It was a one-eyed dog. 2. Katie was a funny girl with a snub nose.

3. The boy’s hair was dark. 4. He was a man with a square face. 5. Pinocchio was a puppet with a long nose. 6. The dog had long hair. 7.Their younger daughter is a plump girl with blue eyes.

8. Mr Karter was a cheerful man with a round face. 9. Most models are tall girls with long legs.



X. From these jumbled words, find combinations for describing people, as in the example. Use a dictionary if necessary. Example: good-looking


(English Vocabulary in Use : Exercise 33.3)



XI. Complete the gaps in these police posters.

(English Vocabulary in Use; Exercise 33.4)

XII. Think of a famous person who…

1) …has a large noticeable birthmark.

2) …has a moustache and/ or a beard.

3) …is always unshaven.

4) … looks old and whose face is much wrinkled.

5) …who has no wrinkles though they are not young.

6) …has a narrow/ high forehead.

7) …has a turned-up nose.

8) …wears glasses.

9) …is always heavily made-up.

10) … wears no make-up.

11) … has delicate/ rough features.

XIII. Translate the following sentences into English.


  1. Он высокий блондин с глубоко посаженными голубыми глазами. 2. Его сестра – рыжеволосая сероглазая девушка.. 3. Моя мама – маленькая худенькая женщина с большими глазами. 4. Его брат – подросток с неопрятными волосами. 5. Их босс атлетически сложен и очень привлекателен. 6. Кто тот бородатый старик? 7. У нее родинка над верхней губой. 8. Я думаю, у нее искусственные ногти. 9. У тебя светло-серые или светло-зеленые глаза? 10. Он темнокожий кареглазый брюнет. 11. Наша учительница всегда носит волосы в пучке. 12. Мне нравится твоя челка. 13. Мне не нравится ее макияж. 14. Тебе нравится его цвет лица? 15. Он не любит длинноволосых девушек с пробором посередине. 16. У его отца суровые черты лица. 17. Люди с неправильными чертами лица могут быть очень привлекательными. 18. У его девушки оливковая кожа. 19. Его проблема – редеющие волосы. 19. У тебя веснушки? 20. У ее сестры черные гладкие волосы до плеч.








to dress smartly/elegantly/well/badly/tastefully



scruffy adj dirty and untidy, e.g. a scruffy old pair of jeans

shabby adj shabby clothes are untidy and in bad condition because they have been used for a long time, e.g. Hugh’s jacket was old and shabby.

worn-out adj too old or damaged to be used, e.g. a pair of old worn-out walking boots; Ant. brand-new, e.g. His clothes looked brand-new.

smart adj clean, tidy and attractive

elegant adj beautiful, attractive

casual adj intended for informal situations or occasions, e.g. casual shoes/ He felt more comfortable in casual clothes. Ant. formal; Syn.informal

conservative adj not very modern in style, e.g. a dark conservative suit; Syn.traditional

fashionable adj popular, especially for a short period of time; Ant. unfashionable

dress vi to wear a particular kind of clothes, e.g. Dress warmly if you are going out for a walk. One can dress casually/smartly/well/ badly/tastefully; e.g. I spend most of my time in the house with young children, so I dress casually.

dressed adj having your clothes on or wearing a particular type of clothes;smartly/well-/elegantly dressed, e.g. a very well-dressed young man/ She was dressed in a two-piece suit


I.Transcribe and translate the words:

Scruffy, shabby, worn-out, brand-new, smart, elegant, casual, conservative, traditional, fashionable, unfashionable, tastefully.


II. Give English equivalents of the following Russian words:


нарядная, элегантная, повседневная, модная, потрепанная, изношенная, неопрятная, строгая одежда


III. Match the adjectives in A with their synonyms in B:


A. B.

1. scruffy a. elegant

2. casual b. shabby

3. smart c. traditional

4. conservative d. informal


IV. Match the adjectives in A with their antonyms in B:


A. B.

1.worn-out a. fashionable

2. casual b. neat

3.scruffy c. untidy

4. conservative d. brand-new

5. smart e. formal


V. Complete the following dialogues with these words:


fashionable smart casual

worn-out scruffy dress well


1. - You’re looking very _______ today.

- Yes, I’m on my way to a job interview.

2. - You must spend a fortune on clothes.

- I don’t really, but I must admit I do like to ________ .

3. - Will I have to wear a suit in the meeting?

- No, I expect most people will be wearing fairly _______ clothes.

4. - I need a new dress for this party but I don’t know what colour to choose.

- Well, pink is supposed to be _______ at the moment, isn’t it? It’s this season’s colour.

5. - Why are you throwing that jacket out?

- It’s ________ . Look, it’s got a hole under the arm and most of the buttons are missing!

6. - I like your new trousers. They are very smart.

- Well, I start my new job tomorrow and I can’t wear _______ old jeans. Everyone there is

very well-dressed.


VI. Translate the following sentences into English:


1.Моя сестра не любит одеваться нарядно, потому что чувствует себя более удобно в повседневной одежде. 2. Он вздрогнул, когда увидел невероятно худую женщину с растрепанными седыми волосами, морщинистым лицом, в грязном плаще и стоптанных ботинках. Он узнал в ней свою мать. 3. Этот артист всегда появляется на публике в старых потрепанных джинсах и безвкусном дешевом гриме. 4. Ее мать – консервативно одетая женщина, невысокого роста, полная, с темными волосами и серыми глазами. Дочь совсем на нее не похожа. Она – модно одетая высокая блондинка, очень стройная, с большими голубыми глазами, темными бровями и ресницами. У нее большой, но красивый рот, прямой нос и прекрасный цвет лица. 5. Мой сосед был высокий худой мужчина лет пятидесяти. Его лицо было не очень привлекательным. У него был крупный нос, небольшие темные раскосые глаза и тонкие губы. Однако, когда он говорил и улыбался, лицо его сразу же становилось очень приятным. 6. Это была элегантно одетая пожилая женщина лет шестидесяти, с седеющими волосами, довольно полная, но все еще красивая.

7. Наш новый коллега оказался человеком приятной наружности с вьющимися светло-русыми волосами, глубоко-посаженными карими глазами и доброжелательной улыбкой. Он был чисто выбрит и одет с иголочки. 8. Девочка была прелестна с ее румяными щечками, белокурыми кудряшками, голубыми глазами и вздернутым носиком.



Part II



1. Look at the following extracts of written language and match them to their sources below:

a) Small, slim, blue-eyed blond, GSH, early 30’s WLTM hunky male 28 – 38 for fun and friendship. Call me on 09765-567892.

b) The first man was small and wiry, with sharp, strong features. Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, with wide shoulders: and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws.

c) The police are looking for a man of average height and medium build in his mid-twenties. He was last seen wearing a dark green or grey anorak.

d) The tallest man in medical history is Robert Pershing Wadlow who was born on 22nd February 1918 in Illinois, USA, and who died on 15th July 1940 in Michigan. He was last measured on 27th June 1940 and was found to be 272cm tall.


1. An extract from a novel.

2. An extract from a newspaper report.

3. An extract from the Guinness Book of Records.

4. An advertisement in a lonely hearts section of a newspaper.


What do you think WLTM and GSH mean?


2. Which of the people in Exercise 1 (a – d) answer the following descriptions?

( In some cases more than one answer is possible)

1) with noticeable features

E.g. 1 - b (with sharp, strong features)

2) below medium height

3) broad-shouldered

4) fair- haired

5) 8 ft 11 inches tall

6) medium height

7) a little over 30

8) thin and muscular

9) about 25

10) enormous


Part III

Listening I



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