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Ex.2. The following words can be used in more than one way. Underline the correct part of speech for each word as it is used in the text.

1. market a) noun b) verb
2. aim a) noun b) verb
3. share a) noun b) verb
4. desire a) noun b) verb
5. produce a) noun b) verb
6. research a) noun b) verb
7. segment a) noun b) verb
8. need a) noun b) verb

Ex.3. Give the English for:

товарний ринок, цільовий ринок, група споживачів, фінансовий ринок, частка ринку, сегмент ринку, прибуток, ринкова ніша, ринковий підхід, створювати продукт, ринкова орієнтація.


Ex. 4. Match words from list A with words from list B that have a similar meaning:

share respond market-driven income desire indication housewife aim product output target homemaker sign reply wish earnings market-led segment


Ex.5. Find suitable opposites to the following words:

failure, part, whole, slow, general.


Ex.6. Fill in suitable nouns to form two-word expressions. Translate these expressions into Ukrainian.

1. ________ orientation

2. ________ share

3. target _________

4. ________ segment

5. commodity _______

6. _________ niche

7. free ____________

8. ________ economy

9. ________ price

10. ________ reform


Ex.7. Match the word combinations in the left hand column with the verbs in the right hand column and translate them into Ukrainian:

market leader   market price   market research   market share increase lose carry out do charge pay become remain


Ex.8. The words in the box frequently occur after “market”.






Find combinations that mean:

1. the company that sells the largest amount of a specific commodity in a particular area; the brand or make of goods that sells the most;

2. the price of a raw material, product, service, etc. that is charged in a free or competitive market;

3. study carried out by a company before launching a new product, into the needs, lifestyles, incomes, etc. of potential buyers;

4. the percentage of the total sales of a certain product in a particular area or country obtained by one company;

5. that part of a market which consists of consumers with similar characteristics;

6. a pattern or change in buying and selling activities;

7. the act of obtaining a larger market share by increasing advertising, promotion, etc.

8. an economic system in which individuals and firms are free to enter and leave markets at will;

9. changes a government makes to an economy, so that it becomes more like a market economy;

10. the way a market economy makes sellers produce what people want, at prices they are willing to pay.


Ex.9. The following diagram shows some very commonly used verbs with "a market". Study the diagram, consult your dictionary and translate these phrases into Ukrainian.




Ex.10. Look at the words and phrases in the box. Match the words with the correct definition from the list below:



1. a group of consumers for whom a business has designed a product and marketing strategy;

2. the bond markets, stock markets, etc. that accept money and turn it into equity instruments;

3. a course of action, a way of handling a situation;

4. to have the most important place or great influence; to have or use power or command over;

5. a company that produces goods that it knows will sell because buyers have said that they need them;

6. a large sell-service store offering food and general household items.


Ex.11. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. … helped us design our products to sell better.

2. Sony is … in hi-fi equipment.

3. The computer company has a 25% … .

4. Companies need to produce new products to keep up with … .

5. He was forced to sell below the current … to make a quick sale.

6. A … approach to developing a product is one which puts the desires of the consumer at the centre of the decision about what to produce.

7. As in many other Japanese industries, … at home, Toyota, is not the strongest exporter.

8. Gillette … the business in the USA.

9. … is one where things are bought and sold freely and not under government control.

10. My company has its own …, selling to fishermen and hunters.

11. Women are an important … for Volvo.


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