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Ex.5. Familiarize yourself with the following idioms. Consult your dictionary and translate the sentences into Ukrainian. Think of situations where you could use them.

1. I hope that, by the time you retire, your son will be old enough to step into your shoes.

2. Don’t get shirty with me; I didn’t take your book.

3. Now her husband has lost his job, she will be obliged to cut her coat according to her cloth.

4. He has it together and is doing well in business.

5. All I had to do was to walk up and down the room and smile at the customers. It was money for jam.


Ex.6. Comment on the following:

“Patience pays dividends.”




Lesson 6

Text: Leaving a job

Grammar: Tense Revision. Progress Test I


Terms to remember:


resign (v) іти у відставку; відмовлятися від посади; складати з себе обов’язки
quit one’s job (v) залишати роботу; звільнятися; іти у відставку
retire (v) залишати посаду, іти у відставку (на пенсію), звільнятися
take early retirement (v) рано піти на пенсію (у відставку)
unemployed безробітний
closure закриття, завершення
dismiss (v) звільняти (з роботи)
dismissal звільнення з роботи
lay off (v) припиняти роботу; амер. звільняти робітників
make redundant (v) звільнити у зв’язку зі скороченням штату
redundancy скорочення штатів; звільнення робітників (службовців)
outplacement працевлаштування працівників, яких було звільнено при скороченні штатів
redundancy payment допомога при звільненні з роботи (наприклад при скороченні штатів)
fire (v) амер. звільняти з роботи
terminate (v) звільняти з роботи
sack (v) звільняти з роботи



Leaving a Job


There are various ways to leave a job. Some people leave a job voluntary and some involuntary. A person resigns, or quits his job, when he leaves it voluntary. At the age of 60 many employees retire, though the retirement age varies from one country to another. Some employees leave at an earlier age; this is known as taking early retirement.

Labour market is very flexible. Companies can react quickly to economic problems. Company reorganization, relocation or closure often result in job losses. When people lose their jobs, they are dismissed, laid off or made redundant. These job losses are known as redundancies, dismissals or lay-offs. An employee who is made redundant or laid off has a right to receive compensation in the form of a redundancy payment. This is an amount of money paid out to compensate the employee for the job loss; it is calculated according to the age, length of service and the salary earned by the employee. They may also get advice about finding another job, retraining, etc. This is called outplacement advice.

When people are made to leave the organization we say that they are fired, terminated or sacked. For them, finding a new job may be difficult and as a result they become unemployed.



Exercises in Word Study


Ex.1. Form nouns from the following verbs:

resign, retire, reorganize, relocate, close, lose, dismiss, pay, vary, form.


Ex.2. Give the English for:

залишити роботу за власним бажанням; іти на пенсію; реорганізація компанії; втрата роботи; скорочення штатів; одержувати допомогу при звільненні з роботи; компенсувати службовцю втрату роботи; заробляти гроші; звільняти з роботи (когось); безробітний; реагувати на економічні проблеми.


Ex.3. Match words from list A with words from list B that have a similar meaning:

resign vary fire redundancy receive salary amount unemployed jobless sack quit (one’s job) change sum dismissal obtain wages


Ex.4. Find suitable opposites to the following words and phrases:

hire, remain, find, waste, voluntarily, location, receive, closure, early, react, jobless.


Ex.5. Match the nouns in the left hand column with the verbs in the right hand column.

redundancy give
  hand in
resignation   closure   loss   salary   the sack offer take suffer make face result in be threatened with get increase reduce


Ex.6. Look at the words and phrases in the box. Match them with the correct definition from the list below.



1. a situation in which a worker agrees to give up his/her job;

2. to give up a job or position;

3. to stop work, esp. because of age;

4. the act of bringing something to an end;

5. moving a person or an organization from one place to another;

6. to remove an employee from a job or position;

7. a payment made to an employee as a compensation for the loss of a job;

8. to get money by working;

9. to leave a job at an earlier age;

10. without a job; idle.


Ex.7. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. She decided to take … rather than a cut in pay.

2. She has … from her post as marketing manager.

3. He was asked … when the fraud was discovered.

4. He … from the bank after 30 years service.

5. The usual age of … is 60.

6. The bank clerk was … for dishonesty.

7. Over 500 steel workers face … .

8. A slump in business has led to the … of many factories.

9. The merger will result in … .

10. If he is late again he will get … .

11. The employee protested against the reason for his … .

12. The company has … a section of its employees.

13. My friend was … from her job yesterday.

Terminated, laid off, dismissal, the sack, relocation, closure, redundancy, fired, retirement, retired, to resign, resigned, voluntary redundancy.



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