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Ex.8. Divide the words and word combinations in the box into two columns.

If you've done something wrong, you are … If you've done nothing wrong, you are …
___________________ ____________________
___________________ ____________________
___________________ ____________________


Ex.9. Fill in the missing prepositions.


Redundancy is the situation that results when an employee’s contract … employment is ended because that job no longer exists or is no longer needed. A factory might close …, which would make all the workforce redundant, or, … a factory, a new machine might make a particular job no longer necessary. Workers who are made redundant have a right to receive compensation … the form … a lump-sum payment which varies ... the length … service … the employee. Many companies … fact negotiate … trade unions to give more than the minimum legal requirement … compensation, especially if they are asking … workers to accept voluntary redundancy as opposed … compulsary redundancy.

(to, down, in (3), within, according to, of (4), with, for)



Exercises in Comprehenson


Ex.1. Answer the following questions:

1. How can a person leave a job?

2. When does a person resign?

3. When does a person retire?

4. What do we call “early retirement”?

5. What is redundancy?

6. What is a redundancy payment?

7. How is the compensation for the job loss calculated?

8. What do we call "outplacement"?

9. When is a person fired or sacked?


Ex.2. Are these words about starting or finishing a job?

apply, retire, employ, resign, dismiss, hire, make redundant, fire, recruit


Ex.3. Sum up what the text says about:

s various ways to leave a job;

s resignation and retirement;

s redundancies;

s dismissals.



Grammar Revision



Choose the correct variant.

1. I have not seen my business partner since he … London.

a) has left b) had left c) left

2. I decided to go to my office immediately when I remembered I … the door.

a) didn’t lock b) hadn’t locked c) haven’t locked

3. He has made four presentations since he … in Ukraine.

a) has arrived b) arrived c) had arrived

4. I will be explaining this rule to you until I … you understand it.

a) will see b) shall see c) see

5. You will miss your train unless you … now.

a) leave b) will leave c) do not leave

6. The plane which … from Heathrow at 12.30 is expected to land in 5 minutes.

a) took off b) had taken off c) was taking off

7. He … his annual report at the moment.

a) is preparing b) prepares c) has been

8. It will not be good if you wait till he … about it from your boss.

a) will learn b) learns c) will have learnt

9. Just as I thought, he … our office easily.

a) has found b) had found c) found

10. I knew he … me before so I wondered why he didn’t recognize me.

a) had met b) met c) has met

11. I do not want to draw any conclusions now. But if he … to persist I will fire him.

a) continues b) will continue c) continued

12. How did you know that somebody … your computer before you came into your room?

a) was using b) has been using c) had been using

13. He … this company for several years when I began my career.

a) has been managing b) had been managing c) was managing

14. You will not leave the office before five unless you … everything.

a) will not have finished b) will have finished c) have finished

15. When he arrived in Birmingham in 1999 the English language was not a problem to him as he … it for five years.

a) have been studying b) had been studying c) was studying

16. He … to solve this problem several times.

a) had tried b) has tried c) was trying

17. By the time you are back we … everything.

a) have done b) do c) will have done

18. If he … his job he will have to leave our city.

a) will lose b) loses c) is losing

19. If you … any problems with our product we will be pleased to help you.

a) had b) have c) will have

20. When … to Ukraine?

a) have they come b) did they come c) they come

21. He … hard, that is why he is tired.

a) had worked b) worked c) has worked

22. He … to his personal stereo so he couldn’t hear your words.

a) listens b) was listening c) had listened

23. While I … my best to solve your problem you were discussing some unimportant matter.

a) have been doing b) was doing c) did

24. Our company … this product since 2000.

a) has been producing b) had produced c) produces

25. We … a letter from our business partner.

a) have just received b) just received c) had just received

26. I … ? 800 so far.

a) earned b) have earned c) will earn

27. It will be difficult for you to find a new job if you … .

a) will be fired b) are fired c) fired

28. Do not believe him! He … a lie.

a) tells b) is telling c) told

29. It is the fourth time his law firm … part in the Employment Fair.

a) took b) has taken c) had taken

30. Brown&Partners … the firm now and need to hire secretaries and lawyers.

a) expand b) are expanding c) expanded



Speech and Discussion


Ex.1. Discuss with your groupmates the possibility of taking early retirement. Which in your opinion is the best retirement age?


Ex.2. Do you think that a redundancy payment can compensate job loss? If you were a manager of a big company would you try to do your best not to make your employees redundant?


Ex.3. Study the following notice. Discuss with your groupmates the reasons which will force you to fire your employee.


These are the only ways that you can lose your job at this company:

s Employees who steal will be terminated.

s Anyone who contradicts the boss will be sacked.

s Salespeople who don’t meet their targets will be fired.

s When business is bad, the laziest workers will be laid off.

s If the company goes bankrupt, everyone will be made redundant.

s If you don’t like any of these rules, you’re free to resign and find another job.

s But if nothing goes wrong, you have a job for life and you can retire happily at the age of sixty.

(From D. Evans. Business English Verbs, Penguin Quick Guides)


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