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Ex.1. Choose the correct variant.

1. All the guides here speak/are speaking at least two foreign languages, because a lot of foreign tourists come/are coming every year.

2. Look! The meeting starts/is starting. We’d better go in.

3. I work/am working for Midmark, a firm that makes/is making medical equipment.

4. I go/am going to the supermarket. Do you want anything?

5. The train is arriving/arrives at 7 a.m.

6. They always make noise/are making noise next door.

7. Our meetings usually are starting/start at 4 p.m.

8. When a company is not successful, it is going/goes out of business.

9. I work/am working overtime this week.

10. Tom is a very reliable person, everybody is trusting/trusts him.

11. He usually is coming/comes to his office on time.

12. The sun is setting/sets in the West.

13. Great Britain becomes/is becoming more popular as a location for international business.

14. He earns/is earning over $ 20,000 a year.

15. People often spend/are spending a lot of their money on cigarettes.


Ex.2. Complete these sentences using the correct form (Present Simple or Present Continuous) of the verbs in brackets.

1. I never (work) at the weekend.

2. He (smoke) 30 cigarettes a day but at the moment he (try) very hard to cut down.

3. What you (think) about?

4. Business (become) more international and secretaries (need) international communication skills.

5. He (make) paper products.

6. The speaker (wait for) a telephone call.

7. The manager (check) the production levels every day.

8. They (sign) the contract in the conference room. Don’t trouble them.

9. Multinationals (compete) for a market share.

10. The express train always (arrive) on time.

11. The delegation (to come) at 5 p.m. tomorrow.

12. She (run) her own business.

13. I feel that we (make) too much noise.

14. The firm (specialize) in green tourism.

15. At present we (do) business with Japanese companies.


Ex.3. True or false? Correct where necessary.

1. Although we sometimes go to a restaurant, we usually are eating at home.

2. Most American families has at least one automobile.

3. I am usually going to the supermarket on Fridays.

4. My friend often go on business trips abroad.

5. Any businessman is wanting to make a profit.

6. Multinationals now operate in every sector of industry.

7. The largest bank in the country plans to close some of its branches.

8. The firm makes excellent progress this week.

9. My friend has collected necessary information about markets and now he establishes his own business.

10. The South is depending more on small businesses for jobs than on large corporations.

11. Women run 25 per cent of existing small businesses.

12. I can’t talk now. I make a report.

13. Due to expansion, we are looking for new business partners to join our company.


Ex.4. Translate into English.

1. Ця компанія виробляє найсучасніші телевізори.

2. Не заважай мені! Я працюю над перекладом економічної статті.

3. Транснаціональні корпорації працюють в багатьох країнах світу.

4. Мій брат займається малим бізнесом.

5. Економічна ситуація в країні впливає на розвиток бізнесу.

6. Багато європейських компаній торгують з Японією.

7. Зараз уряд намагається знизити ціни на продовольчі товари.

8. Мій приятель вивчає економіку.

9. Моя фірма зараз шукає нових партнерів по бізнесу.

10. Він заробляє $ 15, 000 на рік.

11. Мене не цікавить ваша пропозиція. Я розширюю свій власний бізнес.

12. Власники торгових підприємств зустрічаються завтра о 9 годині.

13. Ця фірма завжди надає якісні послуги.

14. Він немає ніякої уяви про те, як керувати підприємством.


Speech and Discussion


Ex.1. Talk to your groupmates:

swhich is the most interesting to work in:

a bank, a computer company, a hotel, a restaurant, a supermarket.

schoose one of the places and speak about the advantages and the disadvantages of working there.


Ex.2. If you were to choose where to work, would you prefer small business or big business? Why?


Ex.3. Familiarize yourself with the following idioms. Consult your dictionary and translate the sentences into Ukrainian. Think of situations where you could use them:

1. I will make it my business to see that he gets the job finished in good time.

2. On his arrival he was robbed of all his money; a bad business!

3. He must mean business. He has paid ₤ 500.

4. You mind your own business and stay out of mine!

5. You have no business reading my mail!


Ex.4. Comment on the following proverbs and sayings. Think of situations where you could use them:

“Everybody's business is nobody's business.”

“Business before pleasure.”


Lesson 2

Text: Business Organization and the Economy

Grammar: Past Simple and Past Continuous


Terms to remember:


classify (v) класифікувати
industry промисловіcть, індустрія, галузь промисловості
raw materials сировинні матеріали
assemble (v) збирати
finished products готові вироби
manufacturing sector виробничий сектор
wholesale trade оптова торгівля
retail trade роздрібна торгівля
service sector сектор послуг
own (v) володіти
private sector приватний сектор
enterprise підприємство
pursue (v) переслідувати (інтерес)
regulation регулювання
restriction обмеження
public sector державний сектор
nationalize (v) націоналізувати
sell-off розпродаж
privatize (v) приватизувати
supply постачання
utilities комунальні послуги


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