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Ex.5. The words in the box frequently occur before “manager”.




Find combinations that mean:

1. a person in control of staff in one section of an organization;

2. a person in control of staff but under the authority of a manager;

3. a person in control of the manufacturing process;

4. a person in control of the design and quality of goods made by a company;

5. a person who is at the head of an organization;

6. a person responsible for the sales staff and their work;

7. a person responsible for recruiting and training employees and dealing with their problems.


Ex.6. Look at the words and phrases in the box. Match them with the correct definition from the list below:





1. the place where something is located;

2. a person who works for another person, business or government;

3. a person who buys something from a shop, pays for a service or orders something from a company;

4. a group of directors who are responsible for running a company and usually have legal responsibilities to it;

5. a company director who is responsible for the day-to-day running of a company;

6. the chief officer of a company who is responsible for deciding and carrying out company policy;

7. a person in charge of a department;

8. the people employed by an organization; the staff;

9. people at the head of an organization;


Ex.7. A department can be involved in a number of activities. The following diagram shows some very commonly used verbs to talk about these activities. Study the diagram, consult your dictionary and translate these verbs into Ukrainian. Make up sentences with them.




Ex.8. Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian:

1. She is … of this company.

2. Our company treats its … well with fast service and good products.

3. … is discussing the annual pay rise.

4. She is … the new project.

5. She is … of the finance committee.

6. My partner takes care of the … operations of the company.

7. He … a quick decision to buy the TV.

8. Training courses are provided for all company … .

9. She … directly to the company’s president.

10. New staff should report to the … .

11. … is responsible for making policy decisions.

12. Another title for the managing director is the … or the … in the USA.

reports, personnel department, personnel, made, day-to-day, the head, in charge of, the Board of Directors (2), customers, an employee, CEO, president.


Ex.9. Fill in the missing prepositions.

Board of Directors

A board … directors are persons elected … the shareholders to control a company and to look … their interests. The board is responsible … the overall policy decisions … the company and … appointing the management team which runs the company … a day-to-day basis. The majority … the board will have management responsibilities … the company, but there might also be nonexecutive directors who do not have any responsibilities. These might be well-known industrialists, financiers or politicians who will improve the reputation … a business. All directors will own shares … the business.

(in (2), on, for (2), after, of (4), by).


Ex.10. Fill in the gaps by choosing from the words below:

1. The employees responsible for carrying out general office duties are ______.

a) clerks b) accountants c) financiers


2. The employees who sell a company’s products are the _______.

a) sales representatives b) athletes c) managing directors


3. The employees who are responsible for seeing that the finished goods are well made are the _______.

a) packers b) quality controllers c) economists


4. The workers who process data, under the control of managers and supervisors, are the computer _______.

a) hackers b) operators c) dancers


5. The person who greets a visitor and tells him or her how to get to the right office is the _______.

a) manager b) president c) receptionist


6. The clerical workers who use typewriters or word processors and who produce letters and other documents, are ______.

a) secretaries b) editors c) teachers


7. The employees who check a company’s financial affairs are the ________.

a) statisticians b) accountants c) customers


8. The person appointed by the board of directors to be responsible for the management team that runs a business on a day-to-day basis is the _______.

a) operator b) managing director c) seller


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